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My short visit to Vietnam

(photography trip-April 2010)

Interesting Vietnam where plastic, 2 wheel-transportation, street-eating-houses, lack of waste management and rain are overwhelming!

The reign of plastic:

Everything seems to be in plastic: starting from basins, pans, colanders, water tanks for street eating houses, toys, shoes (from basic/flat shoes up to high-heel shoes) and even flowers! It surpassed aluminum, natural and local straw and bamboo. Heaps and piles of plastic are being used or ready to be used, in pastel colors (for kitchen tools) or flashy colors (for flowers and religious objects). Yep: the lotus flowers used to decorate table altars in all temples/pagoda are now in plastic with electrical lamps incorporated…

P1090050.JPG           P1090187.JPG              P1090265.JPG

P1090650.JPG       P1090313.JPG       P1090275.JPG

Moving around: All kinds of 2-wheel transportation exist: bicycles, motorcycles, moped-vespa, motobikes, cyclopousses… you can find ox-driven carts, and a few horses or cars as well. Of course on the water: sampans and boats…

As far as the 2 wheel transportation, everything can be seen: with or without helmet, alone or with your family (not unusual to see 4 people on a motorcycle: kids standing up in front or sleeping beside in someone’s arms); kids do not wear helmets but parents do (thank God!). Young girls chose their helmet with pride: all styles from Burberry’s to Chanel, one color, stripes etc…. you choose! They look like German helmets from the 40’s (covering only the top of the skull: they are far from integral helmets). To protect your nose/breathing from the pollution, masks/hoods are worn (how often are they washed/cleaned.....?); it covers from nose to chin and behind the ears and is relatively inelegant and dreadful despite  various attempts to make it stylish with material and colorful dots, stripes, Provencal, Burberry’s again etc…)


P1080423.JPG  P1080431.JPG  P1080448.JPG  P1080458.JPG

P1080577.JPG  P1090507.JPG

Also in the city:

P1090635.JPG   P1090423.JPG

Or like in the old times:

P1080432.JPG              P1080441.JPG

Coming back from school in the rain:

P1080726.JPG      P1080693.JPG


Finally on water:    

P1090432.JPG    P1080618.JPG


And in the rice-plantation:

P1080847.JPG     P1080848.JPG     P1080687.JPG