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Amateurs of Distinction - Exhibition at Cergy le Carreau – May 2014

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I like taking pictures, collecting those memories of passages in unusual places, mysterious reflections of realities that are no longer, strolls and dreams in a rich world of images. These photos were taken during various trips to New York, where skyscrapers and sun play with reality.
spacer Photo 1
"The crazy eye of General Electric Building (New York - 2004)
SPACER Photo 2
"The Time Warner building carpet(New York - 2005)
SPACER Photo 3
"Renaissance in Manhattan”
(Crown Building - New York – 2006)
le marchand d'oranges du soukh - Haut Atlas Marocain
“Triangular scrolls”                    
(Lipstick Building - New York – 2004)         
spacer paysanne de rizieres - Vietnam
    The destabilized unknown building”
          (New York – 2006)

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