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Exhibition in Villepreux (France) 2014 - Encounters on the roads of the world


Linger on these faces, and receive what those expressions tell you: dream, happy moments, contemplative, complicity, serenity, restlessness, happiness,
they are all capturing just a moment in the daily life of people across the world (Morocco, Vietnam , South-Africa, Guyana)

spacer brodeuse Mong - Vietnamla brodeuse du marche Mong - Vietnam
Embroiderers at the White Thai market - Vietnam
  le marchand d'oranges du soukh - Haut Atlas Marocain
The orange merchant in the Souk –
 Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
  paysanne de rizieres - Vietnam
    peasant wrinkles - Vietnam
  au temple 1 - Vietnamau temple 2 - Vietnam
Prayers and incantations - Vietnam
  lectures pieuses 1 - Vietnamlivre de prieres 2 - Vietnam
Pious reading - Vietnam
Babushka's wrinkles        
                Babushka's wrinkles
  le monde des enfants 1 - Guyane
Girl and her older brother – Mong market - Guyanne       
  le monde des enfants 2 - Guyane
  Children in their world –
  Mong market - Guyanne
  garcon - Haut Atlas Marocain
Berber boy-  Moroccan High Atlas Mountains    
  gros dur mais poete - Haut Atlas Marocain
       Tough yet a poet -
Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
  grand sourire d'enfant - Soweto
Young Boy – Soweto –    
South Africa            
  mon copain de jeux - Soweto
  Buddies – Soweto – South Africa
  promeneur solitaire - Soweto
Young Boy – Soweto –      
South Africa             
  bicyclists in the rain - Vietnam
        Back from school on a rainy evening –
        Hoa Lu region - Vietnam
  AprŐs l'école - Haut Atlas marocain
After school Morocco-      
High Atlas Mountains        
  Complicité au retour de l'école - Haut Atlas marocain
        Friends together after school -
        Morocco - High Atlas Mountains
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